Bluehost Coupons

Both the two companies are known to be competitors of each other. With plenty of experience behind the two companies, Bluehost and Dreamhost is a comparison that is worthy to be conducted. Bluehost’s main focus and recognition is towards website hosting whereas Dreamhost also works in sectors such as Cloud Computing. So, it really depends on what you’re looking for your business. Here are some of the features of the two companies that will help you decide in making the best decision:


Starting Price and Domains:

The starting price for Bluehost is $2.95 per month whereas the starting price of Dreamhost is $4.50 per month. The two companies do come with a free domain name. The edge however remains with Bluehost due to its low price as well as they give a discount coupon to new users.

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Shared Hosting Plans:

Let’s compare the side by side features of Bluehost and Dreamhost in this section. Bluehost offers a space of 50GB that is good enough but cannot be compared to the unlimited space offered by Dreamhost. The panel offered by the two companies is the same as well as the bandwidth which is unlimited.  The number of site hosting offered by the two companies is the same, which is unlimited. The basic package is almost the same, the only difference lies in the space which Bluehost offers less mounting around 50GB. This difference can be a game changer as if you need more than this then you should definitely go for Dreamhost.

Basic Dedicated Server Plans:

The basic dedicated server plans for Bluehost as well as Dreamhost are quite dissimilar. Bluehost offers a mind-blowing space of 5TB whereas Dreamhost offers 1000GB. The system requirements for dedicated server plans are also different, as for Bluehost 4×2.50GHZ is required whereas for Dreamhost 4 cores are required. The RAM needed is 4GB for both the web hosting companies. The operating system required for both is Linux. Bluehost price for this plan is far superior as you can get it for just $79.99. On the other hand, Dreamhost’s price is $149.

Customer Support:

The customer support category for Bluehost and Dreamhost is quite similar in terms of getting problems or errors fixed. Both are fast and responsive and usually don’t take much time to get things done. However, one big setback that Dreamhost suffers is the fact that it lacks the option of phone support.

Basically, there isn’t a major difference in terms of the features of the two companies. The only difference is the price which is steep for Dreamhost. And why is this difference apparent? Well, Dreamhost offers a 100% uptime speed for loading pages, which is far superior than what Bluehost offers. Regardless, decision lies at your disposal, make the best of it!